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erikaransom-barrypatemaninterview511.jpg Barry Pateman, Kate Sharpley Library

erikaransom-interviewwithtaliafromboundtogethercollective901.jpg Talia from Bound Together Anarchist Bookstore

erikaransom-interviewwithpicafromcrimethinccollective721.jpg Pica, CrimethInc. Ex-Workers’ Collective

erikaransom-behindenemylinesstuttgartgermany506.jpg Behind Enemy Lines in Stuttgart, Germany

erikaransom-peligrosocialatbalazogallerysf11207441.jpg Peligro Social at Balazo Gallery

erikaransom-postnobillslondongraffiti993.jpg Post No Bills: London Graffiti

Episode 002:

Surrender, Murder Dubbs House, Oakland CA
Ballast, Touch of Class, Boston MA
Strung Up
, Golden Bull, Oakland CA
Golnar Nikpour, Coordinator of MRR
Vitamin X, CBGBs, NYC
Citizen Fish, ABC No Rio, NYC

Episode 001:
Channel Zero Intro!
Imperial Leather, Gilman Street, Berkeley CA
The Restarts, Okupational Hazard 2005, London
Ramsey Kanaan, AK Press, SF Anarchist Bookfair
Ward Churchill, SF Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair 2006

All of the above videos are being hosted at (a rad free service I recommend) where you can choose to watch the videos in full screen mode or in other formats. You can also download the files and copy the embed code if ya feel so inclined.

I compressed the hell outta the newer clips, so I hope most folks can see them, even on old punk rock computers and dial up connections.