Channel Zero Episode 4, Part 1- Signal Lost

Posted: July 29, 2010 in Bands, Blog, DIY Punk, People, Videos:
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Here is the first segment of Channel Zero, Episode 4.

Featuring Clarion Alley Murals in San Francisco and Signal Lost playing at the Friese in Bremen, Germany. Punk!

I introduced the clip in Clarion Alley, near 17th and Valencia in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco, a local back street that has been famous for its murals since the sixties.

The video of Signal Lost was shot during their 2005 European tour. I traveled with them through Finland, Sweden and parts of Germany. Great people and fun times!

The show featured takes place at the Friesen, a youth center run mostly by volunteers in Bremen, Germany. (Check out the Channel Zero interview with the Friesen Crew Show Collective.)

hell yeah and up th’ punks-

Erika Ransom

P.S. After compression, the video isn’t at its best! Argh and damn my slow connection. If you want to see the full-quality version of any of the Channel Zero shows, you can order the DVD (for not much dinero) from AK Press in the US, from Ruin Nation in Germany, or Active Distribution in the UK. Cheers!

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