Posted: July 18, 2010 in Blog

This  blog has been dormant for too long!

Citizen Phil and Erika Ransom, on the road again

Since my last entry, I have been traveling and on the road, most of my time spent on tour with the Subhumans, an anarcho-punk band from the UK, and Citizen Fish, a ska-punk band with Dick Lucas singing about life, politics and the insanity of our times.

I met them in Europe in July of 2007, while on another video mission, interviewing squatters, anarchists and punks in Germany, France, England and Spain.  On that trip I not only got some great footage, but I met my future husband. Luckily for me, Citizen Phil, the Subhumans bass player, chatted me up while I was hanging out at their show in Paris, and the rest is history.

Together, Phil and I have toured with the Subhumans and Citizen Fish across the US, and in Europe in France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Ireland, the UK, and most recently, Poland. We live in Spain when we’re not on the road, enjoying the laid-back approach to life of a small village. The past three years have gone by in a colorful blur, so to speak. Creating Channel Zero in a television studio in San Francisco and living in the Mission feels like another century.

But as my life becomes more settled in Europe, I find  myself wanting to dig into creative projects again. I am hoping to revive the Channel Zero blog and see what happens.

Thanks for tuning in!




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