London’s Calling!

Posted: June 19, 2007 in DIY Punk

Scum Fest

The third annual South London DIY Punk/HC Benefit Festival, the massive SCUM FEST was a great time, and I managed to go all three concerts at the Grosvenor Pub, June 15-17, no small feat! Here’s some video I took of Swedish d-beat legends AVSKUM playing on Saturday night. I also have fun video of crust legends Hell-Krusher (reunited for this gig), After Birth (Scottish crust) and the powerful London political punk-ska band the Inner Terrestials.

Thanks to Georgina, Hoyden, Simon and all the other organizers for putting this gig together. One of the best things besides seeing some good bands was the gathering of punks from all over the place. I talked to drunken French punks, a traveling punk from Belfast who had skinned her knee and had the best sense of humor, Micheal who lives in Copenhagen and told me tales of biking from Barcelona to Denmark, a man who explained to us over a pint how Welsh was pronounced, Simon and Katie from Bradford updated me on the 1 in 12 Club (a 20 year old social centre, vegan cafe, artist space and punk venue), of course there was the entire London crew, Stivie and Mirja from Germany, Jon and Marta running the Active Distribution stall, a crew of punks from Italy, Poland, even James from San Francisco, a punk from Boston and Stephanie from Minnneapolis! I spent most of the time hanging outside the pub talking to folks and catching up…good times and cheers!

While hanging out in Hackney I also had the best vegan cheesecake I’ve ever had..oi vey it was good, yum! Check out this worker-run volunteer cooperative, Pogo Cafe for sweets, tea, friendly staff, movie nights, and right now an exibit of photos taken by Martin Bull of Banksy and other London graffiti artists. I took a London graffiti tour with him last September, and its now on Channel Zero episode 4 (watch the clip here.)


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