Friesen Crew Show Collective – Bremen, Germany

Posted: March 26, 2007 in Collective, DIY Punk

Three members of the Friesen Crew (Nicole, Stivie and Smeagol) talk about how the collective started over ten years ago, and how they operate today. It is well known in the DIY punk community that if you are a band on tour, playing the Friesen in Bremen is a good time! The Friesen Crew works together (an all volunteer group and not-for-profit) to make sure that the bands are paid, have good food and a place to sleep for the night while on tour. They also organize the space, the PA, show posters, the bar and the door for the night. Keeping a regular place for shows helps keep the DIY punk network alive, helping bands go on tour, and punks to go see a local show!


This was also the first place my band The Profits played on our European tour in 2004, and I was amazed by the hospitality and how things were run. We had never seen such a well-organized DIY punk show and it was all very surprising, as most punk shows in the US are put together by one or two people, and the bands are often left to fend for themselves. Dinner was excellent, they made us feel welcome, it was lots of fun, and the punks danced!


(This interview was taken in September 2006.)

  1. Mr.Crust says:

    VERY Nice job… hence that furry bloke.
    St… err… mr.crust 😉

  2. bak says:

    great video…it’s cool to see what’s going on in the diy punk scene on an international level!….keep up the good work!

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