Vitamin X at CBGBs

Posted: October 24, 2006 in Bands, Blog, Episode 002, Videos:

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Sad to say goodbye to CBGBs, home of The Ramones and cradle of American punk in the early 70s, where so many touring, local, well-known and obscure punk bands have played over the years. Due to the rising cost of rent of the building (caused in large part by the ongoing gentrification of NYC) CBGBs closed it’s doors to punk and hardcore shows on October 15, after three decades of shows.

In tribute- here’s video of the mighty Vitamin X from Holland playing the NYC Punk Rock Olympics on 3/26/2004. Wow, so many bands, such a hell of a show that was, MDC, Molotov Cocktail, and even my band the Profits. The footage is a bit shaky, but I was standing on a very small wooden table by the wall. The people dancing kept smashing into everyone, the table wasn’t much defense, and I was lucky to get this footage at all! And hey, do you notice Lucho in the background?


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