Citizen Fish at ABC NoRio

Posted: October 24, 2006 in Bands, Episode 002, Videos:

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Citizen Fish from the UK have been playing politically-inspired, anarcho-punk ska since 1984. Here Dick (vocals), Phil (guitar), Jasper (bass) and Trotsky (drums) are playing ABC NoRio, a center for radical art in activism in NYC. ABC NoRio began as a squat, an abandoned building taken over by artists in 1980. Not long after its beginning, collective members started booking hardcore and punk matinee shows, and music has been a part of this space ever since. This show took place on such a blistering hot day, without any fans inside and the doors closed for sound, I only managed to stay on top of the table in the back with my camera for a few songs, before escaping outside!

In this video, Citizen Fish are playing “Back to Zero,” a song about the mental health system and it’s attempts to control people deemed “crazy” by society. It goes well with the mural outside by Fly, an artist who has been part of New York’s squatter community since the early 90s. Her work is regularly part of DIY fanzines such as MaximumRocknRoll and Slug and Lettuce. And this beautiful mural outside of ABC!


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