Episode 003 in Europe

Posted: October 15, 2006 in Blog, Episode 003

Erika and Banksy Girl in London

In September, I spent most of the month traveling, visiting friends in London and Bremen, Germany. I took my video arsenal with me, and got some great footage for Channel Zero Episode 003, and also future episodes.

In London, I interviewed the folks behind Active Distribution, the collectively run, totally-vegan endeavor Pogo Cafe in Hackney, Last Hours fanzine, and 56@, an inspiring anarchist infoshop, with tea! The photo is me with one of the Banksy works I was lucky to see while on a tour given by Martin Bull walking around London.

In Germany, I went on a two-day tour with The Subhumans (UK anarcho-punk legends), and also videotaped Police Bastard (reunion tour) at Verden, and Instinct of Survival (crust from Hamburg) in Bielefeld. In Bremen, I talked with the Friesencrew about setting up DIY punk shows, and why some of them have been doing it over a decade now. In Bielefeld I also interviewed a couple of collective members of AJZ, one of Germany’s oldest and well-known venues for punk shows, an autonomous space and anti-fascist youth center since 1974.

Whew! Lots of videotaping, and good times! Thanks to everyone who I talked with, and helped out with the shoots, especially Jon who did second camera and production management in London, and Stivie and the Subhumans for good times in Germany.

Look for footage from Europe in Episode 003, and beyond…




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