Episode 001 Video Intro!

Posted: October 10, 2006 in Bands, Blog, Episode 001, People, Videos:

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Introduction to Episode 001 of Channel Zero, a DIY punk cable access show!This is the first five minutes of the show. The Channel Zero introduction has sound bites from Public Enemy’s “Channel Zero” and also a song by Aus-Rotten about how the media works with the state and corporate interests to shape people’s opinions. Footage is a collection of images-DIY punk bands playing punk venues and squats in the U.S. and Europe, images of the U.S. war machine, protests in Boston and punks in Oakland. The British cop is harassing me because I’m videotaping the cops arresting and pushing people outside the London Anarchist Bookfair in 2006. It was a riot! The very end is me giving a kiss from the top of my roof in the Mission in SF. Ta da!

The introduction describes the half-hour show…
Episode 001

I’m trying to put most of the clips up on this here blog thing, but it takes time and is a pain in the ass. I should spend more time biking and less time at my computer. Let me know what you think of the clips, and if they download OK. Cheers!

If you live in San Francisco and have cable, you’ll be able to see the show the old fashioned way, on your TV, Channel 29, while eating burritos and drinking Tecate. I’ll post show times when Episode 2 hits the airwaves, sometime mid-October. Until then..

Solidarity and Blazing Guitars,

  1. Stivie says:

    This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Jon@ctive says:

    I demand to know why Sivies comment was removed! Censorship, but for whose benefit I wonder?

    (Te he he)

  3. it was a collaborative test of the power of blog…and a comment for the editor-atrix only..

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