Here is the first segment of Channel Zero, Episode 4.

Featuring Clarion Alley Murals in San Francisco and Signal Lost playing at the Friese in Bremen, Germany. Punk!

I introduced the clip in Clarion Alley, near 17th and Valencia in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco, a local back street that has been famous for its murals since the sixties.

The video of Signal Lost was shot during their 2005 European tour. I traveled with them through Finland, Sweden and parts of Germany. Great people and fun times!

The show featured takes place at the Friesen, a youth center run mostly by volunteers in Bremen, Germany. (Check out the Channel Zero interview with the Friesen Crew Show Collective.)

hell yeah and up th’ punks-

Erika Ransom

P.S. After compression, the video isn’t at its best! Argh and damn my slow connection. If you want to see the full-quality version of any of the Channel Zero shows, you can order the DVD (for not much dinero) from AK Press in the US, from Ruin Nation in Germany, or Active Distribution in the UK. Cheers!

This Week’s Video

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Video of AVSKUM, d-beat legends from Sweden. I took this footage at the Scum Fest in London, June 17, 2007. Great show, great times!


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This  blog has been dormant for too long!

Citizen Phil and Erika Ransom, on the road again

Since my last entry, I have been traveling and on the road, most of my time spent on tour with the Subhumans, an anarcho-punk band from the UK, and Citizen Fish, a ska-punk band with Dick Lucas singing about life, politics and the insanity of our times.

I met them in Europe in July of 2007, while on another video mission, interviewing squatters, anarchists and punks in Germany, France, England and Spain.  On that trip I not only got some great footage, but I met my future husband. Luckily for me, Citizen Phil, the Subhumans bass player, chatted me up while I was hanging out at their show in Paris, and the rest is history.

Together, Phil and I have toured with the Subhumans and Citizen Fish across the US, and in Europe in France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Ireland, the UK, and most recently, Poland. We live in Spain when we’re not on the road, enjoying the laid-back approach to life of a small village. The past three years have gone by in a colorful blur, so to speak. Creating Channel Zero in a television studio in San Francisco and living in the Mission feels like another century.

But as my life becomes more settled in Europe, I find  myself wanting to dig into creative projects again. I am hoping to revive the Channel Zero blog and see what happens.

Thanks for tuning in!



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The Montreal Anarchist Bookfair and Festival of Anarchy is the largest anarchist event in North America, and an important exchange of anarchist and anti-authoritarian ideas. The Bookfair is for anarchists and non-anarchists alike, in French and English, with participants from all over North America and beyond. Founded in May 1999, the bookfair is now entering its ninth year. Anarchist Bookfair events include book and information tables, workshops, readings, films, presentations, walking tours and much more. Once again, the 2008 Anarchist Bookfair (on May 9th) will be followed by a full day dedicated to anarchist-themed workshops and presentations. As in the past, a "Festival of Anarchy" will take place during the weeks preceeding the Bookfair, with diverse events organized by anarchist and anti-authoritarian groups.

The video was filmed in 2007 during the 7th annual bookfair.

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A short interview with Aaron from Solidarity Across Borders in Montreal. (Filmed May 2007)

Solidarity Across Borders: STATUS FOR ALL!

Solidarity Across Borders

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Short interview with Sara, an organizer with the Anarchist Black Cross Federation in Montreal, about the need for prisoner solidarity.

(Filmed at the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair, May 2007 by Erika Ransom)